This is a time of year when people think back over traditions and nostalgia flows as freely as eggnog and holiday cheer.  Of course, in my house, with a teenager ending her semester we have to get through exams and projects before there is anything to cheer about.  I was very excited this year – after I struggled mightily to help with math – apparently I don’t do it right – she is taking biology.  I figured even if there is “new bio,” as a physician I should be able to handle any questions.  When the Kreb’s Cycle was the topic this week I had a flashback to medical school, where we studied every detailed reaction to generate ATP.  The nostalgia began, and I can’t get the Farnesol song out of my head – sung to Jingle Bells.  This tale of how Acetate can become cholesterol is riveting.  Not as universally appealing as the Preamble on Schoolhouse Rock, but still fun. So I present the only online version I could find.  And a few, more modern takes on biochemistry in today’s world. Enjoy!


Wishing everyone health and happiness!

The path to wellness begins with a proper diagnosis

Published by Eric Goldberg, MD, FACP

I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. I currently practice at and am the Medical Director of NYU Langone Internal Medicine Associates. Posts are my opinion and not medical advice or an official position of NYU Langone Medical Center.

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